Micro-Blogging: Shorts

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I started using Twitter a few weeks ago and am finding it increasingly useful. I heard about Twitter a few years ago and was strongly encouraged to use it by my brother, but never really saw the use in it. What I’ve found is that if you follow interesting people, it’s a great source for […]

Is It Worth It?

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It’s fairly obvious that the frequency and quantity of posts on my website has slowed somewhat in the last year or two, and sometimes, i wonder if there’s any point writing anything (i had that thought a number of times while writing the last one, which is why it’s not as coherently structured as i […]

Internet Explorer

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I realised today that unfortunately this site doesn’t display correctly in Internet Explorer. My apologies to my readers who use IE, I did not notice this as i always use Firefox. I will look into this problem sometime in the near future, however, for those that can’t wait – I would highly recommend Firefox!

Site Update

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I’ve changed a few things around on my site this morning. With the recent upgrade to WordPress 2.3, we now have integrated tagging, so all posts will be categorised and tagged. This led me to change the layout of the posts, with the categories and tags displayed on the bottom at the left, and the […]

Domain Name Galore

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I went on a shopping spree of domain names a few days ago…purchasing no less than 5 badboys! This site is now proudly accessible through both fergus-macdonald.com and fergusmacdonald.com! However, the bigger news is that my budding enterprise, Macdonald Sporrans, is now ambitiously branching out onto the mainstream world wide web through no less than […]


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I’ve just been checking out the visitor statistics of my website, provided free by StatCounter. Interestingly, the majority of visitors use Internet Explorer Version 6.0! I’m rather surprised about that. I know that it’s still the most popular browser, but i figured that people who read blogs are probably more interested in technology, therefore are […]