Personal Responsibility

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The latest section of the Happiness Advantage talks about taking responsibility for things that happen in your life (other posts on topic). By taking responsibility, you give yourself the option of being able to control the outcome of events. If you think that everything in life is outwith your control, then it matters little what […]

Why Failure Can Be Valuable

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I don’t like to think of myself as an entrepreneur. I don’t really like the term. For me it has connotations of being a hot-shot, someone who thinks they can do anything, someone who takes a lot of other people’s money and burns it on an idea that ends up dead in the water. It’s common […]

My Gratitude List

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One of my goals this year is to spend some time learning about happiness and wealth. Although often seen as contradictory, I think of wealth not purely in monetary terms, but in the availability of all good things in life. I’m reading The Happiness Advantage (thoroughly recommended) and it highlights an easy way of changing […]

The True Power of “Yes, and…”

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Reading books about management and teamwork, it’s fairly common to find techniques such as ‘yes, and…’.  The purpose is to encourage participation in group discussions by using phrases which are positive, rather than negative. For example, if someone raises an idea and you reply with “no, but” then they feel less inclined to participate in […]

The Evolution of Knowledge

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I reckon it might go something like this: 1. You’re born, you know nothing 2. You learn a little, and think you know everything 3. You realise you don’t know everything, so try to learn everything 4. You realise you can’t learn everything, so try to learn everything about something 5. You realise you can’t […]

eBay Scam

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I recently listed my iPod on eBay and it sold for a tasty £205. I was a little surprised that it went for so much, but was definitely happy about it. I started to get suspicious when i got an invoice request from the buyer with the following message: Dear Seller, Am happy to be […]