Me, Kho Pha Ngan, ThailandI grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland and currently live in London.

I graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2007 with a First Class MA with Honours in Business Studies. I spent my third year of university at the National University of Singapore and travelled extensively throughout South East Asia during that time.


I started working in retail in 2001 for River Island and was there for nearly 18 months. I spent some time at Crombie learning the finer points about men’s tailoring and then at Emporio Armani for a year and a half.

I created Macdonald Sporrans in June 2004, bringing my retail experience together with knowledge from my degree. The business funded my time as a student and my associated travels, and since graduating has become my full time occupation.


I am an amateur photographer and have had some of my work published. You can find some of my photos on my flickr page here.

I am an amateur SCUBA diver and hold a PADI Advanced Open Water qualification.

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  1. Hi there,

    Remember me?

    We used to watch football at Kuching on last May if i not forgotten. I was the one who drive u fron a bus station in Kuching during the night time :). I enjoy ur things inside ur website. Just keep in touch and if anytime you have a chance to go again in Kuching Sarawak just inform me ok



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