Setting up BT Voip on a Yealink W52P

I just set up a Yealink W52P on BT’s SIP service and it was a bit of a PITA. I couldn’t find anything concrete on how to do it, so am posting some useful tips for other people trying to do the same.

The basic account details are:

outbound proxy: (I’ve read that the last digit of this can vary based on your account – you can find it via the same method as described in the password section below)
outbound proxy port: 5060
username: 0560xxxxxxx (whatever your VOIP number is)
password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (15 characters, all uppercase)


Yealink W52P BT Voip Setup


Your password is not the password you use to manage your Voip account interface on

In fact, you cannot see your password anywhere in there, and BT will apparently not give it to you over the phone.

To get your password go to and login with your phone number and website password then continue to the 4th step which will try to setup your equipment. On that page, copy and paste the URL into Notepad or something similar. The URL will have a section like this: SIPUsername2=xxx&SIPPassword2=xxx where you can copy and paste your password from. The sections are separated by & symbols, so your password is the bit between the = and the next &.


BT Voip is super reliable through their own router. In the 2-5 years that we’ve had it, I’ve never felt it was any different to a hard-wired line (hence my ambiguity about how long we’ve had it – I can’t remember!). I’ve even seen it continue to work when our internet connection goes down.

However, in the hour I’ve had it up and running through the Yealink I’ve had a call drop and had the line go unavailable a few times. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing and it’s more reliable in practice.

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