How to Beat a Recurrent Staph Infection Without Antibiotics

Disclaimer: This happened to me over 5 years ago and I can’t remember all the details. I’m also not a doctor. However, I had a recurring staff infection that I kicked after doing this. I believe what I had was staphylococcus aureus (staph) which is similar to MRSA.

I found out that someone I know may have a recurrent staph infection and it occurred to me that I didn’t make a note of how I ended up beating it.

I picked up a staph infection while travelling in South East Asia. It presented as boils or abscesses on the skin which were pretty painful and have left scars where they occurred.

For a period of a few months, it would go away, and then another one would pop up. This seemed to go on forever and repeated doses of strong antibiotics didn’t shift it.

How I Beat It

The first thing I did was appreciate that it’s a holistic issue – it’s about the whole body, not just the spot that the abscess or infection presents. Therefore, to combat this, you need to take a holistic approach. You need to build up your immunity to it, while also not letting it live and spread on the the outside of your body.

Internal Body

To keep your innards in top antibacterial condition, eat as much manuka honey as you can. The higher the rating, the more potent it is, however, make sure you’re buying real manuka honey. It’s honey, so it tastes good – have it on toast, in tea or just take spoonfuls on its own. You can also take tumeric tablets.

Both of these will help build up your immune system and your natural defence to it.

External Body

You want to give your skin an antibacterial wash as often as possible. In reality, during your daily shower is fine. Grab some tea tree oil based soap and shampoo. Tea tree oil is another natural product that has fantastic natural antibacterial properties.

During the day, you can carry around some antibacterial hand cream if you want, although it does dry out your hands pretty badly.

It’s also important to note that the infection can live and hide in some parts of the body more easily than others. For example, inside your nose. If you touch or pick your nose, wash your hands afterwards. I believe armpits and some other areas are also prone to harbouring the infection.

You want to take a no-nonsense approach to ensuring that you do not let it live on your skin as much as possible, and if it is living there, that you don’t let it spread to other areas.


Last but not least, your clothes, towels, bed sheets and anything else that touches your skin. When these things makes contact with your skin, they can easily pick up the infection, and store it for later. Wash them as often as you feel comfortable with some tea tree oil. You can add a few drops to your washing powder and pop it straight into the machine. You can buy pure oil quite cheap so it should last a while. Basically any wash you do, put some in there. Also, make an effort to not share clothes or towels with anyone, and to change them all regularly.

Good Luck

It can sound like a lot of work, or a pain, but if you stick with it for a few weeks, you’ll kick the staph infection forever. That was 5 years ago. Once I got serious about dealing with it properly and not just taking antibiotics, I’ve not had one since.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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  1. I think Im dealing with one now. Came down with one right after a knee replacement in April. ER doc wouldn’t aspirate to test, just took blood samples and gave me an antibiotic scrip. I did ok for awhile, but my knee HURTS, and I wake up screaming with pain. Can an ER doc do an aspiration to test for infection?

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