In-Page Analytics Not Working

I’ve had an issue over the last few weeks/months where In-Page analytics wouldn’t work. It would say ‘Loading’ for a while, then ask me if I wanted to load it in a new tab rather than within Analytics.

Turns out there’s a simple fix for both Firefox and Chrome. If you’re viewing analytics of a secure page, notice that Analytics is served on a secure domain, so it’s attempting to load insecure assets on the page. You simply need to tell your browser to load insecure assets and you’ll be fine.


Right at the start of the URL bar there’s a little shield. Click the shield to see a popup saying “Firefox has blocked content that isn’t secure.” Click the dropdown arrow and select ‘Disable protection on this page’ and you’re good to go.

Images on Google.


At the right hand side of the URL bar there’s a little shield. Click on the shield and select ‘Load anyway’ or something similar and the In-Page analytics will load.



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