Paying For Music Again!

I’ve not bought a CD in a good few years (see why here and here), and don’t think I’ve ever paid for a digital copy of music… until now!

With Google Play All Access being released in the UK, £7.99 a month for all the music you could ever want, I’ve found a product that I’m happy to pay for.

What I like About It

  • You can upload your own music, up to 20,000 songs
  • You can list to ‘Radio’ stations based on songs or artists, that will play both music in your collection and new music
  • It automatically creates playlists based on what it thinks you might want to listen to
  • Creating radio stations from only your own music helps you discover stuff you forgot you had and don’t listen to often enough
  • You can ‘Add’ any songs or albums to your collection which you can then edit the tags of (so you can apply custom genres etc)
  • I now have a single cloud based music collection
  • Any music in your collection can be downloaded to your Android device to play while offline
  • You can play your music from any web browser or Android device (obviously you need internet access which I almost always have, or I can play downloaded stuff on my phone

All of these features combined, make it the perfect service to me. I’ve added my 7,000 or so songs which I’ve acquired over the years, and in the last few days have added a whole bunch of albums to my collection which I believe I’ll continue to do over the coming months.

Technically the first month is free, so I’ve not started paying yet, but will be happy to do so when I do. I really like the idea of unlimited subscriptions rather than pay-per-use. I almost never feel a single album is worth £8, but £8 a month to get unlimited albums is worth it. A bit like the Cineworld Unlimited card – I don’t think individual films are worth £10 to see, and I might only see 2/3 a month, but the idea that it’s already paid and I can see any film for no additional cost is a very nice feeling.

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