Building a Alternative

Composer is a replacement.

I used to use to post to this blog, Twitter and Facebook at the same time. was bought by Seesmic late last year, and since then Seesmic was bought by Hootsuite. As a result, there’s been a bit of a gap in the market of services that post to lots of networks. Seesmic’s replacement, Seesmic Ping only allowed you to post to 4 services, while allowed you to post to about 50 or so. Hootsuite is a little better in that it allows you to post to about 8, but it’s still not quite 50.

Hootsuite also has a different purpose. The goal of Hootsuite is to be a social aggregator – rather than a simple posting tool.

As a result, Callum and I have spent a bit of time and started building an alternative to, called Composer.

Composer is essentially a replacement, although we hope it will also be more than that. It allows you to post to multiple networks easily, including Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress and more.

It’s very much still a work in progress, but if you miss, sign up and see what you think. We’re keen to get as much feedback as possible, so please do let us know how it could be better.

Check out Composer here:

2 thoughts on “Building a Alternative

  1. Could you share how WordPress is used to build the application? Do you have any plans to released the code to public or a Plugin?


    1. Hi,

      WordPress is not used to build the application. As I mentioned in the email I sent recently, it’s not open source, it was built by us. We’ve not discussed plans to make it open source. However, we do have an API.

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