How Loud is the Jambox?

I bought a Jambox recently and was dithering whether to get it, or a Minirig.

I really liked that the Jambox is wireless so it connects to my phone, tablet and laptop via Bluetooth, but also offers a cable backup for devices that don’t have Bluetooth. However, the Minirig has better battery life and is louder. Tough call.

I found it difficult to get information on how loud the Jambox is. Some people said it was great – loud enough to fill a room with sound, and others said that it wasn’t that loud at all. The difficult with this type of issue is that it’s subjective and circumstantial.

So, I’ll make an attempt to alleviate those issues by giving some examples of how loud it is in my general usage so far (after a few days of owning it).


When I’m listening to the radio on it, it’s loud enough that I can hear it clearly when it’s about 3m away and I’m standing next to the washing machine while it’s spinning (quite a loud washing machine), the kitchen tap while it’s running and the kettle while it’s boiling.

It’s loud enough that I could hear it relatively clearly in the next room.

It’s loud enough that if I put it at the opposite end of the bathroom, I can hear it clearly while I’m in the shower.


I’ve not listened to lots of music on it yet, but it seems not bad. It’s not going to be a boombox for a crowded party, but it will comfortably give audible music if you’ve got 5-10 people in a room chatting loudly (ie you’ll be able to hear it above the din of the people).


I played a movie last night on my tablet and used the Jambox as the speaker and it was about 0.5-1 seconds out of sync with the video. I’ve heard this before and believe it may be related to the Bluetooth connection – I didn’t try with a cable. I should also note that the movie was being streamed from my NAS to my tablet via WiFi (not sure if that affected it) and I’ve not tried on any other devices yet.

Hope this is helpful! You can find the Jambox on Amazon here.

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