EU Cookie Directive Is Missing the Point

I’m not sure I understand the logic with the EU cookie directive. I get the motivation – it’s important that users learn about what they’re doing on the web and learn what is OK and what is not OK, I’m just not sure the implementation is useful.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been to a bunch of sites that have cookie notices – some more obvious than others. I’m the type of person that would read the notice and be interested to check out the cookies, but I’ve not read any.

The only times I’ve interacted with them is when they actively cover content that I’m trying to access. If they sit at the top of the page, they fall into banner territory and get ignored, like all the other useless crap that people stuff onto their webpages to fill space or try and earn revenue. So the ones I really notice are the ones that detract from my web experience rather than add to it. Sum total effect for me is negative.

In my humble opinion, it’s a utterly wasted effort at tackling a much more complex problem.

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