My Gratitude List

One of my goals this year is to spend some time learning about happiness and wealth. Although often seen as contradictory, I think of wealth not purely in monetary terms, but in the availability of all good things in life.

I’m reading The Happiness Advantage (thoroughly recommended) and it highlights an easy way of changing your mindset to be more positive. The logic is that our brains are followers of patterns – known as the Tetris Effect. If you do something repeatedly, your brain begins to ‘see’ that thing more than others. For example, if you close your eyes, visualise the colour red and then open your eyes, everything around you that’s red will pop out at you.

It’s fairly common for people to focus more on the negative aspects of life and living. The common ‘how was your day’ gets answered with all that went wrong or why it was bearable, rather than the bits that were excellent. By focussing a little time each day thinking about what went well, what you enjoyed, you’re teaching your brain to make the positive things ‘pop out’ at you more. The theory is that after a few days, you’ll begin to have a more positive outlook on life in general.

Sounds too simple not to try! So, every day for the next 30 days (apparently how long it takes to build a habit – see video below) I’m going to spend a very short amount of time thinking about and making a note of 3 things which were amazing that day.

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