Unlocking my HTC Desire for Free

I wrote a post a few months ago about removing the bloatware from my HTC Desire, which ultimately led to me rooting the device and flashing a custom rom. I assumed that this would mean the device was now unlocked and could accept any sim, but it turns out that’s a quite separate issue.

I’m not sure of the technical reasons why, but it seems that the sim lock is not related to the OS, so a separate process is required to unlock your Desire.

I realised the sim was locked when I bought a giffgaff sim card and got a box saying “sim network unlock pin”. This is a full screen box, so it’s not immediately obvious you can still use the device by dismissing this message.

There are a bunch of places where you can buy an unlock pin, but some good fellow has developed a system where you can do it from your computer.

He’s released the program via xdadevelopers here.

I initially tried the Windows program on my Windows 7 laptop. However, after plugging in the phone and running the program, it couldn’t find my phone. A post on the forum suggested that there are issues with Windows 7.

I next tried a Windows XP laptop but unfortunately got the same result. Another post suggested trying the original boot disc version of the utility so I burned a disc and tried that.

The boot disc version found the phone and said it unlocked it successfully the first time. However, when I rebooted the phone, it was still locked!

Some posts from the developer mentioned trying it more than once, and hey presto, after the 2nd attempt, the phone is now unlocked!

Goodbye Orange, Hello giffgaff!

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