Towards the end of last year I got involved with a group who run Edinburgh meditation classes. They know a lot about meditation and how to help others learn about meditation, and I know about websites, the internet and general e-technologies. A perfect fit!

What I Did

I spent some time with them discussing their needs and goals. I then set up a basic website for them, did a little optimisation for SEO purposes and gave some advice on content for ease of use of their visitors. I helped them set up a MailChimp account to manage their mailing list which enabled them to keep in touch with the people who attend their classes on a regular basis. And I also provided some training in simple language so that the people involved could actually use the technology effectively.

I’ve been thinking for a few years that I’d like to do some volunteering, and I really enjoyed helping these guys out.

The Offer

I’d like to offer my services to anyone looking for help or advice in making technology work for their business or organisation. I am happy to give some of my time for free to anyone that can’t afford or doesn’t have access to paying for this type of consultancy.

I’d love to work with young people thinking about starting an e-business, not-for-profit groups who may not have an experienced IT person on board, community organisations and anyone else who thinks that technology may be able to help them achieve their goals in some way.

About Me

I’ve been involved with technology, computers and the internet my whole life. I’ve been running a successful ecommerce business since 2004 and through that have gained a good understanding of a wide range of topics including selling products online, online advertising and marketing, search engine optimisation, social media, direct marketing (email newsletters etc), website set-up and development, managing and growing a successful business, working with manufacturers and suppliers, providing great customer service, employing staff, managing accounting systems, cash flow, and lots more!

I’m not an expert in every field, part of my skill is being able to see the bigger picture and working out how the pieces fit together to help achieve the desired goal.

Get In Touch

If you have a goal, or even just an idea, and think you’d like some input or help achieving it – get in touch and we can talk it over.

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