Helping Hand

I recently set up a small WordPress site for Rigpa Edinburgh who run meditation classes in Edinburgh.

Rigpa is an international network of meditation centers and groups under the guidance of Sogyal Rinpoche, author of the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.

Rigpa Edinburgh run meditation classes in Edinburgh throughout the year, and I’ve heard they run the best classes in Edinburgh! I’ve personally been along once and it was all very good, but can’t say I’ve tested any of the others. However, the fact that each of their meditation instructors have completed 5 years training surely means they know a thing or two about meditation.

However, I noticed when doing my motorbike license, that having trained instructors is not enough, instructors also need to be able to teach. Training in teaching doesn’t always go hand in hand with training in a particular discipline. I know that at least 2 of the instructors that run the classes are fully qualified teachers in their day jobs, and therefore are both very skilled at actually teaching the knowledge they’ve spent over 5 years learning.

If you’re looking for Edinburgh Meditation Classes, then I can thoroughly recommend you to check out Rigpa Edinburgh.

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