4 thoughts on “New Comment Notifier

  1. I made a few modifications to that plugin on my own site. I forget all the details, but I know I pushed the Notification checkbox above the Post Comment button. Oh yeah, and I think I changed where it stores data so that it doesn’t create any new tables and I added a little Yes / No indicator on the edit-comments page so I can see if people have chosen to be notified of replies.

  2. Do you have threaded comments enabled? I can’t seem to reply to my previous comment.

    Oh, and the point of the last comment was to ask if you wanted to try out the version I modified instead of the standard. Just let me know if you do and I’ll send over the code.

    1. I did not have threaded comments enabled, I do now.

      If you reply to someone else’s comment, does it automatically email them when you have threaded comments turned on?

      I might be interested in the modified one – how does it get installed?

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