How to Pause Winamp During Skype Calls

Skype used to have an option where you could set it to automatically pause Winamp when you make or receive a call.

On version 5 (and possibly others) it lowers the volume of Winamp instead of pausing it, which then puts it out of sync with the master volume. IE it lowers Winamp volume, not master volume, so you have to go into the mixer to get Winamp volume back to the same as master volume. I just spent a few minutes hunting around the Skype options menu and could not find this option.

This thread pointed me in the right direction and I can confirm that Windows 7 running Skype version and Winamp version 5.601 the following fix works:

  1. Quite Skype (you can leave Winamp running)
  2. Open Windows Explorer
  3. Type %AppData%\Skype into the address bar which will show all files/folders in that folder (including hidden ones)
  4. There should be  folder which has the same name as your Skype username – open it
  5. Open the config.xml file in Notepad or similar text editor
  6. Add <MuteExternal>1</MuteExternal> anywhere between the <General> and </General> (I did it right before </General>)
  7. Restart and the option should now be visible under ‘Call Settings>Advanced’

FYI I was listening to ‘Honeyroot – Starshine‘ while writing this post!

3 thoughts on “How to Pause Winamp During Skype Calls

  1. Hey!
    Thanks for magic.
    But is it possible for a winamp to start playing again automatically after a call finished?

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