Got Some Legal Advice

I have a small issue that I decided I should seek some basic legal advice on.

It is a fairly simple situation (if there is such a thing) and I was really just looking for the answers to a couple of specific questions – the type of thing that is hard to get from a search engine.

However, during my search, I found a document which mentioned that small businesses can get a free half-hour consultation from participating lawyers under the Lawyers for your Business Scheme by the Law Society. I got sent a list of participating lawyers in my area and proceeded to phone a few.

I called about 6 different firms before I got put through to someone who actually spoke to me (for the others I got put through to voicemails, or transferred between 5 people then put to a voicemail!). The firm I got through to was Sebastians Solicitors and I spoke to a friendly chap who gave me about 10 minutes of his time which was a huge help. He answered my questions and pointed me in the right direction.

It’s amazing how a 10 minute conversation with the right person is so useful in situations like this.

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