Micro-Blogging: Shorts

I started using Twitter a few weeks ago and am finding it increasingly useful. I heard about Twitter a few years ago and was strongly encouraged to use it by my brother, but never really saw the use in it.

What I’ve found is that if you follow interesting people, it’s a great source for news and information. Often, news stories will break on twitter a long time before they appear on other channels. As an example, the violent student protests that took place last Thursday were well publicised on Twitter all day, but I didn’t see them on mainstream news until Saturday!

The other thing I find useful about Twitter, is that I often want to share interesting things I find, but don’t have/want to spend the time writing a full blog post, so I end up tweeting them.

Today, I’ve integrated my Twitter stream with my blog under the new category ‘shorts‘. These micro-blog posts will be short and sweet, and will usually be reflected on my Twitter stream and my Facebook page. I won’t push every tweet to my blog, but only the ones that I think are worth sharing here. You can see the first one below!

FYI I’m using Hootsuite to push messages to my blog via ping.fm and Callum‘s WP PingFM to post plugin. I also use the Hootsuite Android app, but unfortunately it doesn’t push to ping.fm and so far I haven’t found an app which can push to Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages and self-hosted WordPress in one go, and offer my select-box selection of which services to push to (setting up groups for each variation would be somewhat confusing).

2 thoughts on “Micro-Blogging: Shorts

  1. Have you checked out Pingdroid? It’s not very intuitive, at least not the version I’m using, but it does have menus to let me choose the type of post and the services or pre-configured groups of services. Does Ping.fm support posting to facebook pages? If it does, it’ll probably do what you’re after. It’s not pretty though… 🙂

    1. Hey,

      Yeah…tried that out. The problem with pingdroid is that you have to set up groups. As I have 5 services to post to, setting up groups of combinations would be inefficient.

      Hootsuite presents checkboxes which us pretty good.

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