Extend Battery Life of HTC Desire

The HTC Desire (and some other HTC phones apparently) isn’t renowned for great battery life. If I use mine on the way to and from work, it barely lasts a day – sometimes I charge it twice a day.

I found a couple of posts on the internet about how to improve the battery life of the HTC Desire, so thought I would share the procedure.

I found 2 different posts saying slightly different things, the procedure is the same, but the charge time is different. I don’t know which way works better – I ended up doing them both. Perhaps if your phone doesn’t have an LED status light, then use the timed version. I’ll add the timed version in brackets after each step.


1. Turn the phone on and charge until LED goes green (alt method: 8 hours).

2. Unplug phone from charger, turn phone off and charge again until light goes green (alt method: 1 hour).

3. Unplug phone from charger, turn phone on and leave on for a couple of minutes (to ensure phone is fully booted up).

4. Turn phone off and charge again until light goes green (alt method: 1 hour).

I believe the theory is that the battery life diminishes because it loses its memory rather than losing its power. The above sequence of events should help to override the memory and restore it back to near full power.

Does it Work?

I found that before doing this, my phone would lose about 30% battery during the night. After doing this, it went down to 10-12%. In my limited experience, with no data  – yes, it does help!

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