Are you Alternative?

I was very happy to see that Callum recently did some work on an idea that we’ve had (I can’t quite remember who’s it was initially) for quite some time.

The idea is a website which allows people to add alternatives to popular products or services. There are a couple of sites that perform this service, but most are limited to particular genres or niches. will not be restricted, it will allow anyone to add an alternative to anything.

Why would anyone need that? Well, I think that it could potentially be very useful to a lot of people. For example, you’re thinking of buying a new phone, but want an alternative to the iPhone.

Googling ‘alternatives to the iPhone’ brings up lots of websites which have written manual lists of iPhone alternatives. Storing that information in a user-generated database means that it can continually evolve and grow as demand and technology changes.

Although still in it’s very early stages, I’m really excited about this project as I’m working alongside my brother, and I think it could be really useful. We’ve not yet got the functionality for users to be able to add alternatives yet – hopefully that will be added soon….as will some other cool features.

Got suggestions/ideas – feel free to let me or Callum know.

3 thoughts on “Are you Alternative?

  1. That’s funny, I remember pretty clearly it was an idea that came to me originally! 🙂 How brothers are aye! 🙂

    The new Nokia N8 looks like a nice alternative to the iPhone incidentally, although the screen resolution is lower, that might be crucial.

  2. Well…I must admit I do remember you talking about it to me, but I also have a memory about thinking the same thing myself and then finding out you had a similar idea.

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