I’ve posted at least a couple of times before regarding the current payment structure for most media, and how I see the current model as being largely outdated.

There are a number of services which offer some great alternatives. I’ve not tried them all, indeed I couldn’t try some of them such as Spotify as they have a limited membership at the moment.

However, I have tried Grooveshark and I find it pretty cool. It plays quickly, has a nice interface and you can tell it if you like or dislike a song, and it should offer similar music that it hopes you’ll like. In reality, I’ve not tried it out for long enough to know how good it is at recommending sogns, but it’s still a pretty neat service. You can pay an optional $3 a month to remove the ads – which seems fair!

One major downside I’ve noticed so far is the management of music. Songs are not well categorised into albums, so a search for an artist will reveal more than 1 entry of a particular track, with slightly different names (ie 01 Track Name, Track Name, Traack Name etc). This is a bit of a fundamental mistake IMHO – proper management of their library would result in significantly less space on their services, and a much easier to use service.

I have heard that they now offer a downloadable desktop app to manage the process for you, and it’s meant to be a bit faster than the browser version, however, it’s not prominently advertised on the site and I haven’t tried to find it.

Want unlimited music for free, any time? Try Grooveshark.

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  1. My innate inclination is to agree with you, that better organisation is better. Recently though, I have come to see great value in chaos. The world wide web is arguably the most valuable information resource on the planet. I believe it has developed in ways that could not have been imagined when the technology was created. If the model of the internet had been more centralised, more organised, less chaotic, we would have a very different internet today.

    Perhaps, we’d have something like the French minitel. Some useful information from major organisations who had the resources to publish content. But maybe we wouldn’t have YouTube, WikiPedia and the myriad of creative people publishing their content in a vast array of ways.

    I think the automatic argument for order over chaos that I felt was a little inaccurate. I invite you to consider the value that diversity and chaos create. 🙂

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