The Plot Thickens

Just launched a new site focussing on my recent problems with Yell Ltd.

You can find it here:

It was an enjoyably easy process! I use Media Temple as my hosting service, and they offer a 1-click wordpress install! Fantastic. It’s not the latest version, but once installed, it’s a 1-click upgrade process, and a 1-click template install process! Couldn’t be simpler.

From buying the domain, to having a live working site was less than 20 minutes in total!

Once up and running, I checked some search terms – it was ranking first for, yell scam, yell advertising scam within 2 days!

I’m pleased to see that other terms such as Yell CEO are also ranking in the top ten already!

If you know someone that advertises on – you might want to tell tham about this issue.

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