Dell Situation: The Verdict

After another 10+ phone calls, many of which were hugely frustrating, I was eventually contacted by someone who could actually help. They looked into the problem, and called me back along with a ‘Brand Manager’ to offer me a solution.

Their solution is to send me an HDMI – DVI cable. My graphics card has an HDMI port, and my monitor has a DVI socket, so it should do the job.

My dilemna is as follows: the 12-15 hours I have wasted on this issue, the hours of anger and frustration, to get a solution which is not entirely satisfactory…is that worth me returning the entire computer and both monitors for a refund, to purchase a slightly better spec machine from someone else?

I’m pretty sick of the hassle, but I also feel that I don’t want to do business with Dell ever again.

5 thoughts on “Dell Situation: The Verdict

  1. Seth Godin has written about ignoring the sunk cost. You can’t get the money or the time back, so forget about it, it’s gone. It shouldn’t influence your current decision.

    My advice is, ask yourself, and it may require some internal interrogation, is the solution Dell are proposing good enough? If it is, stick with it. There’s no harm in asking for compensation, they might just surprise you. If Dell is good, they’ll pick up on your two blog posts and get in touch. I’ve experienced this personally (although not with Dell).

    Will you be happy with the two monitors connected via different cables? Is HDMI a superior port to DVI? Will there be a loss of picture quality / etc? Does any of it matter?

    I think those are the questions to consider. Good luck. 🙂

  2. As far as i’m aware, HDMI is compatible with DVI without the need for conversion of any kind, so this should be a straight-forward solution.

    However, having spent the last 3 years using two monitors which were powered through different ports, and ended up having completely different colours, i was pretty keen to have them powered through the same technology.

    What you say is correct though. There is little point doing anything about it now…it will just be more hassle for me. I can buy a new, better graphics card for less than £50 and would be relatively pain free!

  3. I have a raging headache myself after spending the last 2 hrs on the phone being transferred at least 6 times. During on conversation I told the DELL rep that I would be sending the computer back and not pay the balance of my invoice, he happily replied to me that “DELL does not accept returns” – so finally a “supervisor” spoke with me and they are supposedly sending me “NEW” video cards, cable, memory and a LOCAL (USA) technician will call me in 3-5 days to set up an appointment. Do I have faith? I don’t know. Previous to today I too have spent a minimum of 15 hrs of my life on the phone and taking apart my computer with DELL to still have nothing resolved. My question here is.. does anyone have a phone number for the US Dell Corporate headquarters Consumer Affairs? I would love to speak to someone in the USA. Thanks.

  4. I don’t have any phone numbers for anyone in the US i’m afraid. I have tried the UK headquarters a couple of times, but always got the same rude woman who told me there was absolutely nothing she could do before transferring me to a call centre.

    However, the manager that i dealt with is called Chinmoy and can be reached on the UK number: 0844 444 5128 ext 74767. He had the power to solve my problem.

  5. go to dell US site and get in touch with US customer services – guy called Bradley oversees the european end of dell.
    Tell them that you are having no satisfaction with UK dell. They helped me no end for a full system replacement after 3 months of crap from DellUK/India/pakistan or wherever their call centre was.
    I know of a guy who works for dell at our website if you want?

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