Is It Worth It?

It’s fairly obvious that the frequency and quantity of posts on my website has slowed somewhat in the last year or two, and sometimes, i wonder if there’s any point writing anything (i had that thought a number of times while writing the last one, which is why it’s not as coherently structured as i would’ve liked).

However, i recently got an email from someone who was concerned about getting ripped off in an online transaction, googled some information from the deal and found my post eBay Scam. They subsequently did not take part in said deal…and were better off as a result. It’s just a small point, but for me it enforces the usefulness of something like a blog.

4 thoughts on “Is It Worth It?

  1. I’ve been subscribed to your blog since 2005 – the combination of your travels throughout Asia and tech commentary is a unique voice – keep posting.

  2. Yep keep on writing! People are so wrapped up in their own lives that it is impossible to keep on checking on your blog. I keep meaning to check your site out, but then again I think I must finish my own website and then write some emails. Then the family need attention and 2 hours later, I sit down at the PC and have forgotten what I intended on doing (like visit your blog) so play some games online and get chatting with friends. Before you know it, the time is 3am and I just have to go and sleep. When i waken up, I fully intend on catching up with you, but somehow other things distract me from actually navigating to this page.
    Today, i made a note on the calendar to visit you, so with the family now away shopping and I have got some peace – HELLO !

  3. Is a blog worth it? Yes if you are still young with your whole life ahead of you; new ideas on solving the problems of the world, travel adventures, romance and beyond etc etc
    No if you are an old fuddy duddy like me, who is stuck at home with the wife and kids where the main talking point of the day is nappies and poo-poos!! LOL
    Keep on writing my friend.

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