Dive In!

I’ve compiled a video of some clips i took while diving in Malapascua, Philippines and Sipadan, Malaysian Borneo. There’s two versions for your viewing pleasure – a low resolution 9MB one and a better quality, high resolution 50MB one.

I would normally embed the YouTube versions in this post, however, i find it slightly invasive that readers will automatically start streaming that video without their consent – and in the case of the high resolution version – will use up to 50MB of bandwidth! So, i’ve ventured out and tried Google Video to host them (as well as YouTube) and have embedded the GV versions here:

Low Res Version:

High Res Version:

2 thoughts on “Dive In!

  1. That is indeed true. It was this video that i published from another service which played automatically, and then i changed it to YouTube to stop it. Must have got confused before posting.

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