Typhoon Time!

We enjoyed a 3 hour bus journey today aboard a beast of a bus, run by the D’Christ Bus Company (as in ‘Da Christ’ – a bit of ghetto slang mixed in with strong Christianism going on there i think!).

We were making our way to the longest underground river in the world. By the time we got there – we were met with a hail of rain, crashing waves on the beach and a lot of flooded roads! Turns out that the weather we were faced with was considerably better than the last few days! We later found out that there is at least one typhoon in the area that may be heading towards us!

So…a swift change of plans, back aboard the same bus for the 3 hour return to the city…and think we should check out weather reports and possibly flights out of the country! No point sitting around for two weeks until the rain clears!

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