You know i couldn’t resist the white beach photos at some point! Click the photo for more pics…

Red Parasol: White Beach

After a week in the Philippines’ golden nugget island of Boracay, we decided to leave the beaches behind for a while, and headed off to the remote corner of Palawan.

A 5 minute tricycle, followed by a 10 minute boat, followed by a 6 hour bus, followed by a 20 minute taxi, followed by a 34 hour ferry! saw us landing on the rainy shores of Puerto Princesa!

So far it’s been pretty cool…everyone’s a lot friendlier, the food is great (fantastic meal at the what-seems-to-be-famous Kalui restuarant tonight: seaweed with king prawns and fish soup, followed by whole fried fish in pineapple sauce and fish steaks, finished off with a fruit salad served in a half coconut!), and generally there are less tourists so things are cheaper and we don’t get hassled to constantly buy this, that, this & that etc (you get the picture!).

So…tomorrow we’re off to investigate the longest underground river in the world! Sounds like an adventure!

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