See, Boo!

I thought that it was really about time that i add an update on what we’re up to!

We arrived safely in Cebu, Philippines last Tuesday and promptly checked into our hotel at 4am. Hoping to get some well-deserved kip after a 40 hour journey, we realised that there appears to be roosters everywhere in this island…and they seem to crow at random times…all day and all night! Someone needs to give these cockerels a watch!

However, we enjoyed the delights of Cebu city for a day, and then jumped on a bus down to Moalboal to check out the seaside life of the island. Moalboal lost it’s beach in a typhoon about 10 years ago, but we still felt the sleepy seaside town that’s popular with divers was worth a look. We were a little disappointed that when we arrived we were the only ones under 40, and Emma was the only female foreigner (there were, however, an abundance of local ladies to go round all the single males if you know what i mean!).

After a few days, the numbers of other tourists picked up a bit, and we enjoyed a week there chilling out by our nice pool!

Quo Vadis Pool

I also managed to squeeze in a quick dive, the first with my underwater camera! More pics to follow soon so stay tuned! (this one wasn’t taken by me though!).

Fergy Underwater!

Today, we’ve arrived back in Cebu, and tomorrow we’re heading up to Malapascua to see how that fares.

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