Smoking Acers

Thought it was about time to introduce my latest little addition to the Acer family! I recently got myself an Acer 6292 as shown below:

Acer 6292

Firstly…i was very pleasantly surprised to find out that it looks a shed-load better in real life than it does in the photo! It is a truly great looking laptop which i did not expect!

Secondly, rather sadly, the little nipper comes with Windows Vista installed as standard. I had tried to find one with XP, but they were all considerably more expensive, so i settled for the Vista option. I decided that i would do my best to like it and settle in for the new ride. However, within 30 minutes of turning the thing on, i was absolutely convinced that i had to get rid of it! (I was asked 4 times if i wanted to give Windows permission to create a folder on the hard drive! Of course i want to create a darn folder, i wouldn’t have done it if i didn’t want to!!!)

So, i began researching how to downgrade from Vista to XP, and turns out that it’s really not that difficult. I’m now happy to announce that it is completely XP’d up without a trace of Vista anywhere to be seen for miles around!

I bought this laptop for going away as it’s 12.1″ screen and 2kg weight is significantly less than my other Acer 8104 . It packs serious bang for buck, and for it’s size, and i must admit that i’ll need some serious persuasion to not buy another Acer next time! Plus, the integrated webcam and fingerprint scanner are seriously awesome!!

2 thoughts on “Smoking Acers

  1. Another sad day for freedom. Yet again freedom loses out to convenience in the war for Fergus’s operating system attention.

    For we fight for honour, nor riches, nor glory, but for freedom alone. For which no good man gives up, except with his life.

    Dear brother, what would our ancestors think of your choices?

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