Say No To 0870

It’s not often that i get in a rant about something, however, companies which only publish 0845 or 0870 numbers really get on my nerves!

I can see an argument for them ten years ago so that people can get a local rate call to companies in other parts of the country, but the fact that so many people use mobiles today means that they are little more than a corporate rip-off! What further fuels my anger is when a company publish an 0800 number (which are also not free from mobiles for some absurd reason) for their new customer sales department, then rope their existing customers into dialling an 0870 at a premium rate!

However, it gives me great pleasure to direct you all to Say No To 0870, an online database of alternative numbers for many large companies. Join with me in the fight against this abuse of power!

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