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iPod Touch

I recently had some experience with an iPod Touch, and i must admit i was left slightly disgruntled again.

Like most Apple products, the packaging was great, the product looks and feels fantastic, is very easy to use and has some really great features. I was particularly surprised that i liked it a great deal more than the iPhone, probably because i had lower expectations and it proclaims to do a lot less. What it does do, it does it pretty well.

However, i’m sad to say that although the device works very well and that searching and viewing your media is fantastic, the process of getting it on there is an absolute nightmare! The computer it was linked to did not have the latest version of iTunes (7.5), but the older 7.0 version, so it didn’t recognise the device. When the 50MB download of the latest version was complete and installed, it then informed me that Windows needed to be updated before that particular model of iPod could be recognised! By the time Windows was updated, iTunes needed to be reinstalled before it would work with that model of iPod. So, after only 3-4 hours of updates, you can get iTunes to see your iPod – then you just have to work out how to get stuff on there!

Music is pretty simple and it hasn’t changed much, but heaven forbid you want to put movies on there…! Unless you downloaded your video from Apple directly, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll have to convert it to MP4. If it’s from a DVD then you’ll first have to rip it to your hard drive, then convert it!

Now it’s not often that i get angry, but didn’t some clever fellow invent plug-and-play for a damn good reason! There is no sound reason why the iPod family shouldn’t plug into any USB socket, be seen as an external drive and have drag-and-drop functionality for a wide range of media formats…hmm…perhaps including the two most common – MP3 and AVI!

I believe their ad should read ‘Hold me, touch me, kick me (by the time you’re so frustrated because you can’t actually use me!)’.

At least they’ve decided to not sink the headphone jack this time so the lucky user is allowed to use a set of headphones other than the standard Apple lot!

Another sad day for Apple products, and a slightly embarrassing one for me because said iPod Touch was a gift for someone else! “Here’s a nice shiny new iPod, now spend 4 hours updating your computer, 2 hours converting and transferring some music on it, and don’t even bother trying to put videos on there as it’s too much of a pain in the ass!”.

7 thoughts on “iPod Touché Coulé

  1. Got my eye on a Clix 2, which like all iRiver players has drag & drop. Unfortunately still going to have to convert videos to one of the many MPEG flavours.

    Creative’s Zen Vision seems like one of the few affordable (and genuinely portable) PMPs with DivX support, which’ll cover most of the bases video wise.

    Personally, hoping that the arrival of DivX support for the PS3 will be a cue to it appearing on the PSP and save me the hassle of converting every video I want to watch.

  2. Yeah, i had just checked out the Zen and it looks great – although the 2.5″ screen is a bit of a drop in size compared to the iPod Touch’s 3.5″.

    However, i’ll be using it mainly for travelling, so think i’ll end up with something with a bigger hard drive to carry all my music, and use my laptop or (hopefully) PSP for movies!

  3. The A3 looks like an amazing player and having the TV output is pretty useful if you don’t have anything else to play DivX on your TV without having to resort to burning endless DVDs. If you’re willing to settle for 30GB you could pick one up for under £200 off eBay which is pretty handy.

    The PSP isn’t too bad for movies, if you’re willing to pick up a 8GB memory stick and spend the time reencoding your stuff (I’m getting about 35% reduction), you could probably squeeze about 12 films on it.

    If Sony doesn’t let us down 2008 should be the year the PSP becomes a good piece of travelling kit with GPS and messenging, including Skype. Just a shame they’ll happily screw you out of £20+ to get the cheap headphones and remote that fit the new slim model.

  4. Yeah, would love it if it had an SD card slot as well just to round off the goodness! They do a 60GB version, plus another player which has a full touch screen. Pity they’re both pretty big though, not exactly pocket material for easy music listening – but i guess you can’t get the best of both worlds!

  5. The size is the one thing stopping me from jumping in right now and picking one up off eBay. £65 extra gets you 22GB more than the Clix and DivX support, but it’s also almost twice the size and five times as heavy. Might just have to stick with one device for music and one for movies for now.

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