Macdonald Sporrans Is Taking Over

Today truly is a great day! Macdonald Sporrans new online shop has just gone live! You can purchase Scottish highland dress all day long to your heart’s content!

Seriously though – it has been a tough few weeks. Our new warehouse opened on Monday so all orders are now being shipped from there which is great, although a lot of work to set up. The website also took a considerable amount of work to get where it is…big thank you to Callum for setting it up, setting me up on it and continuing to help throughout the process. Would i really have an internet empire (wow…that sounds cool, though a little geeky!) without him? Thanks to my faithful website testers too!

With these changes, the business direction has changed somewhat and to be able to create a competitive advantage in the market, there must be a focus on inventory management. Keep tuned for more news about that in the near future. Hopefully our new shop, combined with our eBay store, will generate more business to keep the train rolling.

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