Firefox Not Saving Passwords

I recently had quite a bit of trouble with my computer. I reinstalled Windows more than once, and have eventually got everything working again. I used Backupfox to save all my Firefox settings, but when i restored the settings into my new install of Firefox, all my passwords were gone.

Although the box was ticked to save passwords, and there were no websites on the ‘exceptions’ list, and my signons2.txt file was there with all my passwords (in encrypted format), Firefox was not asking me whether i wanted to save a new password, or remembering my old ones.

In the end, i deleted the signons2.txt file and now it seems to be working again! Thankfully i remember most of my passwords!

2 thoughts on “Firefox Not Saving Passwords

  1. Ah yes, I believe your problems were caused by Windows licensing issues. Windows tries to stop you copying it from one machine to another. Of course there are other operating systems that don’t have these challenges. I find moving Fedora from one hard drive to another pretty easy. You just copy the files.

    PS> There seems to be a problem in your theme. I’m currently logged in, yet it’s showing me the name, email and uri fields to submit a comment.

  2. Again, narrowly missing the point in search of bigging up your OS! My default Windows was buggered and wouldn’t start up, therefore would have made little difference if i’d copied it a million times to a million computers – none of them would have been able to start up!

    However, i readily admit that deleting a partition is not sufficient reason for Windows to suddenly stop working!

    Yeah…not sure how to sort that – will look into it sometime tho…

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