Site Update

I’ve changed a few things around on my site this morning. With the recent upgrade to WordPress 2.3, we now have integrated tagging, so all posts will be categorised and tagged. This led me to change the layout of the posts, with the categories and tags displayed on the bottom at the left, and the author, date, time and comments on the bottom at the right.

I’ve also changed the way a single post displays, so that it now includes the sidebar, and enlarged the right-hand column to 500px from 470px to allow posting of Flickr photos. This was a little more tricky, so let me know if you notice anything that’s not displaying correctly.

Any comments on the new look would be much appreciated.

One thought on “Site Update

  1. EDIT – the date has been moved back under the title to show that they are time-sensitive posts thanks to a wise suggestion from my bro!

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