The Hidden Parts

There’s been a lot on the news recently about Burma in relation to the protests, but very little about the atrocities that have been happening there for years. I get the impression that the government have done an amazingly good job of stopping the news getting out of the country. While there, you somehow learn that there are parts of the country that you just can’t go to…probably from guidebooks and other people that have been to the country. What you never really get is someone to tell you where you can and where you can’t go, or why you can’t go to these places (i’m sure that if you try…you may meet a few folk with guns telling you that you can’t go any further!).

However, Sylvester Stallone has recently returned from filming on the Thai/Burmese border and has spoken about the atrocities which he saw. I have little doubt that by the time the smoke clears and democracy is restored to the country the world will learn of truly the appalling abuse of human rights which i believe happens there daily.

On the plus side, the UN Special Envoy met with the government today. So far there’s little news about the meeting which may even still be going on, however i imagine the outcome will be somewhat similar to the foreign minister’s announcement that the government reacted adequately to political activists who were exploiting peaceful protests to destabilize the government.

Feel free to check out some of my pictures of the country here, or as a slideshow here, and ponder the situation like this little fellow below!


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