Situation Darkens

Unfortunately it appears that the situation in Burma has got a lot worse today. For the first time since the current round of protests started just 8 days go, the military has actively started trying to repress the monks and their supporters. Reports of the army firing tear gas and live rounds above crowds of protesters in downtown Yangon have been covering the news today.

On the plus side, this was the main story on BBC news this morning, and on their website. The UK PM and US President have both announced that they will take action against the ruling junta, and an urgent UN Security Council meeting has been scheduled for today at 7pm. Hopefully the international community will get involved with this issue and not allow the appalling abuse of human rights to continue in the country.

3 thoughts on “Situation Darkens

  1. The main problem is to try and prise the French/China coalition apart.

    The biggest investor in Burma’s Oil and Gas is the French company Total.

    They did a dirty deal with China. So the oil goes from Burma to China. Backroom deal.

    The French government are financing the Burmese Junta to by arms and weapons of torture.

    The French government have , consistently, vetoed EU sanctions against Burma.

    So, the first step is for all people who believe in freedom to put the maximum pressure on the French. Put them in the spotlight. Expose their hypocrisy !

  2. Interestingly i read somewhere recently that Total is heavily involved in Burma but didn’t know about the Chinese connection. It was interesting to hear on the news this morning though that China and Russia have vetoed the proposal to condemn the government’s actions yesterday, with China reportedly saying that it is a national problem, not an international one. Adding that if the UN should get involved with this then they will have to get involved the next time there are riots in Paris! Not exactly the same thing now is it!

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