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The Telegraph reported today that monks protesting in Yangon were allowed to proceed down University Avenue, the street where Aung san Suu Kyi has been detained under house arrest for 11 years and 333 days.

I’ve not been there myself, but was shown photos of the road by a guy we met while in Yangon, who managed to snap a couple before he was ordered to put his camera away. There are armed guards and a road block at each end of the road stopping all traffic and most pedestrians from travelling down the road. In unprecedented fashion, the armed guards allowed some 1000 or so monks to walk down the road, stop outside Aung San’s house and chant a mantra for over 15 minutes, before blocking the road again. It’s reported that she came out of her house to greet the passing monks.

Hopefully this will not appease the monks and their supporters and that this type of behaviour will continue.

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