Phones2uDirect Cashback Scam

Not something i do often here, but i thought it my moral duty to highlight how some phone companies scam people out of supposed great cashback deals when you purchase a mobile phone from them.

I purchased an Orange Contract mobile phone from phones2udirect in September last year, and so far have found them to be a thoroughly unethical and immoral company. When i purchased the phone with £75 cashback, i read the small print which stated that this would be paid to me in 3 instalments after months 6, 9 and 12 of having the contract. I presumed the point being that they were making sure i kept the phone for 12 months and didn’t cancel the contract. What i didn’t do was read the terms and conditions. The T&C state that you must send them the actual invoice you receive from your network provider (Orange), and it must reach them within 21 days of its date and be enclosed with a letter detailing your personal details and your original invoice for the phone purchase. So, Orange have to finalise your month’s invoice, print it, send it to you, you have to write a letter, enclose the invoice, send it back to phones2udirect and it must reach them within 21 days! Oh…and “for your convenience” they don’t send you any vouchers or even contact you at all to let you know when or how you can claim your cashback!

Now…if you know all that, you can have the letter pre-written and literally send the invoice to them when you receive it…however, they may not open it straight away and they may also deny receipt of the letter – best to opt for recorded delivery in this case. They will also default on your claim for any number of reasons, including the letter not containing all the correct details, not having the correct enclosed documents…etc – at which point they will then default on all other subsequent claims made as they base their validity on the success of previous claims made – you mess one up and you can’t get another one!

if you’re in the unlucky position of having not read the T&C’s (like myself) you begin to wonder if there’s even point contacting them as you’ve already missed your month 6’s invoice cut-off date, and they’re unlikely to give you your second instalment without the first!

Anyway…what’s this rant all about? Pure and simple…don’t deal with phones2udirect, they are a highly unethical company…and make sure you check out all the ins and outs of any cashback deals if you ever want to see the cash. Incidentally i’ve read numerous stories of people on internet who have made claims in line with the T&C’s and have never seen a cheque from them!

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  1. I’m currently in the process of taking Phones2U Direct to court because they are refusing to pay the call back despite following their cashback instructions to the letter. If anyone out there is willing to be contacted, if I ever needed to proove in court that they are a bunch of crooks and that there are more victims out there that would be much appreciated. If so, please get in touch on

  2. The bad news is that Phones2udirect have gone into liquidation so there’s nothing much left to do.

    This is following the trend from previous Mobile phone dealers like Mobile Matters (UK) Ltd. (trading as The Mobile Outlet), Simply Communications UK Ltd. (trading as Simply 3G), Click Mobile Ltd., Mobile Rainbow (about to call creditors’ meeting), Express Mobiles, Dial a Mobile Ltd. (trading as Mobile Connections), Mobile City Telecommunications, Esus Ltd (trading as Easy Mobile), Palm Communications, Just 3G, Forward Cellular,, Mobile Affiliates Ltd. (trading as Coolnewmobile and Phones2yourdoor), Mobile Media Systems Ltd. (trading as Phoneboxdirect)

    This is an unfair situation where innocent consumers have been conned by this unscrupulous companies that were acting with the blessing of the Telephone Networks.

    A group of conned consumers are trying to get together for a class action against the networks to try to claim the money they are owed. If you would like to join them feel free to email them at:


    You don’t have to be a Phones2udirect victim to contact this group, anyone affected by a Mobile phone cashback scam, like Phoneboxdirect Coolnewmobile Simply3g or The Mobile Outlet can join the group.

    To attempt action against the networks on an individual basis would be high-risk and costly. Clearly, in the event of litigation success only those consumers directly participating in the class actions would retrieve their cashback entitlements and costs. Anyone not participating in any action would not recover any of their cashback as a result of this.

  3. I too have been ripped off by these people. Trading Standards and the FSA as well as the mobile companies knew all along what was going on and as usual have done absolutely nothing. The Mobile companies have oodles of money and should easily be able to pay up as after all they are the ones allowing the cashback schemes to work.

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