Gotta say that i am beginning to love IMDb. While watching an episode of Entourage, i heard a great song, but couldn’t find it by Googling the lyrics. However, IMDb shows you a list of all the songs in the episode and gives a brief description of where they occur so that you can differentiate between them!

Admittedly it’s not the most beautiful site, and doesn’t take advantage of cool technology to make it work in funky new ways…but work it does! It’s almost always in the top 3 results for most film/tv show Google searches, and it provides a whole host of information (as previously detailed!).

Unfortunately, the great aforementioned song ‘Champ’ by Mewzic Monsters seems to be completely unavailable anywhere! Infact the most popular Google searches for it are the threads by people who can’t find the song in any record shops on anywhere on the internet! Bit of a shame really as it sounds like a belter!

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