Hamilton Again!

Lewis Hamilton has taken his second Formula 1 victory in the US, right after making his first in Canada last week! Spotted when he was very young by McLaren boss Ron Dennis as his dad was working 3 jobs to support his early racing career, he’s entered the F1 game with a storm. 22 years old and a podium finish in every race since he started, with a 3rd place, four 2nds and now two 1sts…he’s certainly on a good path for victory! Already leading the world championship by 10 points and a win over team-mate Fernando Alonso.

It’s great to have such a young talent coming into the sport and making it his own at such an early point in his career. It feels that as one great legend leaves, we have another to fill his shoes. I’m not a die-hard F1 fan, but having this young guy come in and make history certainly increases my interest!

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