Time and Knowledge

It’s nice to have the free time to be able to think of things to write here, and actually write them! I finally feel like i’ve finished university now, i got my degree result yesterday, so the stress is slowly starting to make it’s slithery way out of my body!

After four years studying business, it appears that time and knowledge are two of the most important things in business. Knowledge isn’t necessarily being clever, but about knowing what you need to know, when you need to know it (hence the time aspect). I believe, that despite from a few random facts and general knowledge on business literature, the main thing that i have learned from the teaching side of being at university is how to solve problems and how to acquire knowledge when i need to.

Sure, there are lots of other sociological and psychological things that i have learned as well, but i don’t feel that my degree has taught me many concrete rules on how to succeed in business. However, this is also because there are largely no such rules. Instead, people in business are faced with problems which they must aim to solve with the best of their abilities, and i feel that i have learned this valuable skill. The ability to adapt to a situation, understand it, investigate solutions and implement them successfully is a hugely worthy talent that i will hopefully keep with me for the rest of my life.

I’ve also learned that hard work often pays off!

2 thoughts on “Time and Knowledge

  1. It’s been so long. How are you doing these days? Not sure if you still remember me though… We met in Singapore when we had the Birthday Party!! It’s actually been so long as well to see your blog and found that you would graduate university soon.
    *Congratulations for graduation!* Hope everything works best for you:) Enjoy the world of work, which I’m now trying!!

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