I’ve just been checking out the visitor statistics of my website, provided free by StatCounter.

Interestingly, the majority of visitors use Internet Explorer Version 6.0! I’m rather surprised about that. I know that it’s still the most popular browser, but i figured that people who read blogs are probably more interested in technology, therefore are more likely to use Firefox. While this may still be the case, and the proportion of Firefox users over IE users may be higher for blog readers, i’m still a little disappointed Firefox is not KING!

Therefore, i’ve installed a link at the top of the page to allow anyone who doesn’t already have Firefox to download it now!

Current stats:
IE 6.0 – 37.25%
Firefox 2.0 – 24.51%
Safari – 14.71%
IE 7.0 – 12.75

Also rather interesting, Google accounts for over 77% of search engine referrals, and the term ‘sexist jokes’ accounts for over 44% of all searches! A small example, but an interesting insight into Google’s dominance of the search industry.

2 thoughts on “Statistics

  1. I know at my last job the IT guy recommended we didn’t upgradce to IE7 for all sorts of reasons. Those who did experienced tons of problems with the web applications behaving badly. Henceforth and heretowith soforth, the “automatic updates” feature was disabled on all new distros.

    I must admit, IE7 is finally behaving as it should. I remember IE5.5 was still the most popular browser when 6 was making its rounds, too.

    Personally, I use FF as my browser of choice, but I didn’t set it to open all web links because I’m too lazy to do so. 😉 Because I clicked through a link I opened from an e-mail message, your comments box will show you I’m in IE7.


  2. Yeah, i’ve certainly not been a fan of IE7 and have heard nothing but bad news about it. However, i also feel it’s important to keep IE 6 installed as it uses a different rendering engine from FF and therefore some pages display better on IE, some on FF.

    As you say, i’m sure IE 7 will get better…but who wants to wait when FF is better right now! And the Add-ons really can’t compare!

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