I’ve been rather disappointed recently with the large size of many new programs. Musicmatch Jukebox is over 100MB, Office 2007 is over 600MB and Nero 7 Premium edition is a staggering 1.3GB! I only use these programs for very limited tasks – Musicmatch for ripping CDs to MP3s (of course not copyrighted CDs), Office for Word, Excel and Powerpoint and Nero for burning CDs/DVDs. Yet when you install them, they seem to come with a host of other ‘unnecessary’ features.

A simple solution was found. FreeRIP is a freeware CD ripper, does everything i needed Musicmatch to do, fully installed at only 4.55MB. CDBurnerXP Pro is a freeware CD/DVD burner that appears to do all the jobs that i would need of Nero, fully installed at 25.21MB. Sadly, although Open Office is only 230MB installed, it really doesn’t compare to Microsoft Office! 10 minute job and i’ve saved myself over 1.3GB of hard drive space! Not bad at all.

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