Unfortunately i’ve been rather neglecting my blog in recent months…been a little preoccupied with dissertation, projects then exams! However, 3 down….15 days till my last…i’ve definitely got enough time to have a quick natter on the blog!

Scottish election day today. Voted SNP all the way i’m happy to admit in public. Not really sure about the whole voting business i must admit. It does appear that we’re picking from the best of a bad bunch, but perhaps i’m wrong. I get the impression there are not many truly good guys in politics. However, i also get the impression that Scotland as a country is easier to manage from Edinburgh rather than London and therefore i’m in favour of anyone who is promoting Scotland’s interests.

I have no idea how successful we would be if we were independent, but i think that if we played an active part in Europe then it wouldn’t be so bad. Perhaps the Scottish population don’t want to be independent, and i guess that’s fine too – but i definitely think that we should be allowed to make the choice.

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