Finally Finished!

I’m very glad to report that my honours dissertation is now finished! A bit of a late night on Sunday, and an early morning on Monday saw the last few touches which hurtled me over the finishing line with a good ten minutes to spare before the deadline.

My title ended up as ‘Is Google Addressing Click-fraud Effectively?: A Review of the Extent, an Analysis of Google’s Detection Methods, and the Ethical Implications’. 75 pages and 23,000 words of Google-filled goodness.

If anyone is a little crazy, or just wants to know more about click-fraud and what Google are doing about it, get in touch and i’d be happy to send you a copy for a reasonable fee of £36.42! ha ha…let life begin again, and the replanting of the 4 trees worth of paper that i used in the process!

One thought on “Finally Finished!

  1. Would be very interested in reading more about the whole click fraud situation with Google.. if you could email it me I’d save £36.42 and you would save all the hassle? 😀

    Win win situation me thinks..?

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