Found a pretty cool site that lets you upload all your music to it, and stores it for free. It also lets you download and listen to thousands of other tracks…again for free!

No idea how it lets you do this…but i’m not complaining! I would like to have more time in my life to allow me to read their policies etc to work out how i can download Coldplay tunes without paying a dime….however i don’t have said time…and i don’t care too much!

Anyway, the site is and if you sign up for a free locker of 1GB storage, they will upgrade you to a locker with unlimited storage pretty soon! Not bad at all!

However, i’m holding back just now. Sure, having my tunes anywhere would be great, but the time it takes to upload 65GB of music will be rather lengthy, but also the time to download (or stream) any of my songs is just a bit too long.

With my new DAB radio, i’ve been amazed at how quickly you turn it on to get music. Far faster than opening Winamp on the computer and loading some mp3’s, faster than putting a cd into a cd player and definately faster than waiting for enough of a song to download so that you can listen to it without it pausing while it waits for the next bit to download!

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