It’s a Joint Affair

Can’t remember exactly how i got it, but one of the search engine short cuts that are built into Firefox 2.0 is pretty darn good. TorrentSpy is proving to be a useful torrent search. I probably wouldn’t have used it, but IsoHunt has been down the last few times i’ve tried to use it.

BitComet, my trusty torrent downloader has also been playing up a little bit. It seems to cane the connection, and shows a total up/down load as way more than the combined individual tasks. I can have two torrents downloading at 5KB/s and it will show a total of 25KB/s instead of 10KB/s! This is pretty annoying, as it canes the connection so i can’t use the internet while it’s running!

Anyhow, BitLord, as recommended by TorrentSpy, is proving darn good. I just downloaded it, and have just finished downloading a 90Mb file at an average speed of 117KB/s! Pretty darn quick. Not exactly sure whether this is the torrent site, or the downloader…but together it’s a pretty mean operation! Also finding good internet browsing speeds, despite downloading at over 40KB/s.

Oh…and i’ve also realised that i’m a major geek! However…i’m proud to say it!

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