Double Trouble

After much humming and hawwing…i decided to go ahead and try my big bro’s twin 17″ monitors on my laptop. I have two video out ports – a digital and an analogue, and was convinced by said brother that these were essentially the same port, and therefore i couldn’t run two monitors! How wrong he was!

Twin Monitors

Apologies about the high ISO and bad quality…i can’t be arsed taking another photo. Also…i hope said brother is not reading this, cause he’ll notice that i’ve also nicked his keyboard and speakers!

Interestingly, the difference in connections is quite apparent in the brightness and vividness of the colours on the screen. Digital provides much richer and deeper colours than analogue!

3 thoughts on “Double Trouble

  1. Hmm, interesting…

    Well now that you’ve agreed to buy them, I can tell you that if you run them both digitally you’ll see the same colour difference, different LCD monitors have different colour outputs, nothing you can do about it unfortunately.

    However, I was correct in stating that you could only run 2 monitors from your laptop. I am surprised you can run two external monitors, but you should know better after all these years brother, I’m always right… 🙂

  2. Alas, i did see difference when running them from your comp, and there is difference now that i’m looking at them on your comp! Strange huh!

  3. Please note the lack of reference to the blatant ‘big brother’ antagonistic remarks by above commenter. I would like to take the more mature stance and not point out anything that said commenter was wrong about – no ‘Ford’ comments here!

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