I’ve recently been enlightened to some pretty cool features on the new MacBooks that are out. I’ve been thinking, of late, that my next computer will most probably be an Apple laptop of some sort. They are physically very sexy and now that they have Intel chip sets, there’s nothing to be scared of, about not liking Apple OS.

Anyway…better than all that – they have a safety feature that has been publicised a lot by IBM. They have built in motion sensors that automatically shut-off the hard disks if they sense that the machine is falling, thereby helping to protect the hard disk and hopefully your data. Great idea. It’s not often that i drop my laptop, but it would come in handy if i did.

However, the best is yet to come…

Because they have this motion sensor built in, you are able to make use of it in new and exciting ways. In fact, you can set the computer to perform certain actions when it senses certain movements! Might not sound very cool yet…but think of the possibilities!

1. Give an iSlap on the right and change from Windows to Tiger.

2. Give an iSlap on the left and skip forward to the next song.

3. Swift iSlap on the top and oops that dirty website that you were viewing in work has just disappeared…

4. The limitations are boundless!!!

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