Rays of Blu

With the first new computers beginning to roll off the shelves with ready-installed Blu Ray drives – it won’t be too long until this new media is far more common-place.

With the ability to hold 25Gb single layer, or double that for dual layer discs, it will prove pretty handy in the increasing war against data. With over 60Gb of music, at least 85Gb of photos (and quickly rising at over 10Mb per photo these days!), large storage solutions are readily needed.

Sadly at £450 starting price for an internal drive and roughly £10-£15 per disc…it’ll still be 7 hard drives and hundreds of DVDs for me. However, it does make me wonder how long it has been since we were at this same very stage with CDs and the transition to DVDs. More storage seems to encourage us to store a lot more! Bring on the day where we don’t actually store any files, we just pay a small amount to get access to every song, document or piece of information ever made…and we access it as and when we like.

2 thoughts on “Rays of Blu

  1. DVD is apparently the most pervasive technology to date, the uptake of DVDs, despite the early inability to record, outstripped every other technology in history apparently. Fascinating… 🙂

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